Traveling/Staying in Singapore? Grab these FREEBIES!

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Are you traveling to Singapore on vacation, immigrating to Singapore or staying here temporarily for business or studies? Whatever the reason, here are some FREEBIES for you to grab! These coupon codes / promo codes / signup bonuses would definitely make your stay in Singapore more enjoyable.


For taxi / cab in Singapore: $8 Grab credits, $20 Uber credits

The trains in Singapore can take you from Changi Airport to many places, but it’s not the most reliable – the trains break down very often. If you are carrying a lot of luggage, are in a rush, or simply want to travel in comfort, use these apps to get free taxi / cab travel in Singapore! What’s more, with these apps you can use credit cards in-app (physical credit card payment has a 10% surcharge on taxis in Singapore) and various promo codes.

Get FREE $8 in Grab credits!: For new users. Grab is a ride-sharing app in Singapore, allowing you to pay for your private car / taxi ride using your credit cards.

Get free $20 Uber credits: Uber is a similar ride-sharing app with much more international coverage, and also allows you to get taxis / cabs or private cars for transport anywhere in Singapore.


Buying stuff online in Singapore: $10 Shopback, $10 TopCashBack, $10 Chope

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise! Whether you’re staying for a short while and looking for food, or staying here for a long time and want to get extra cashback on online shopping, we’ve got you covered!

Get free $10 in Shopback credits: Shopback is a cashback portal that allows you to earn extra cashback from online shopping. Simply signup using our link and make a purchase to get $10 in Shopback credits to start. Their cashback is on top of any normal credit card rewards you get from your everyday online purchases!

Free $10 in TopCashBack credit: TopCashBack is also another cashback portal that pays in U.S. Dollars. Signup for both TopCashBack and Shopback and compare which gives a higher redemption rate for what you are buying!

$10 off your first-time purchase of $40 at Chope restaurant booking: Chope is a restaurant reservation app in Singapore (in the Singapore slang, “chope” actually means “to reserve”). You can book restaurants in advance, and they also sell digital restaurant gift cards at 10% below price (for example, you can buy a $100 voucher for $90 only, and you can even buy it while at the restaurant and redeem it immediately!)

Cashless Apps Signup Bonus

Sign up for DBS Paylah here and enter Referral Code TRIHFG669 by 13th August to get $5 free! The DBS Paylah app allows you to send money to other DBS users.


Extra Credit Card Signup Bonus

18,000 Krisflyer miles signup bonus for AMEX Krisflyer (3000 miles more than usual!): If you’re eligible to get a credit card in Singapore, signup using this link to get 1000 more Krisflyer miles than usual for the American Express Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Credit Card (the usual offer is 8000 miles signup bonus). Receive 10000 bonus miles on your first spend with this card, another 3000 bonus miles after spending $50 within the first 3 months, and another 5000 bonus miles after spending $2500 within the first 3 months! (after 10th April 2017, this offer drops back to 13,000 bonus miles)



Enjoy your time in Singapore!



(Some of these links are referral links, but I guarantee that they are the best freebie offers you can get out there!)

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